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How To Paint A Fiberglass Bathtub Surround

How To Paint A Fiberglass Bathtub Surround

The fiberglass barrel around can become dull or stained after years of use. Re-gluing or repainting to bring the surround back to life. Replacing a bathtub surround can be expensive and labor-intensive. A bathtub surround can look like new with a little work and a few supplies. The fiberglass is painted with a gel coat, which is a color-tinted fiberglass resin. All painting supplies can be found at your local shipping or home improvement store.

Stage 1

Use a scrub brush and tub cleaning solution to clean the tub surround. Remove all soap build-up and dirt from the surrounding surface. Rinse the surround with clean water.

Step 2

Remove all removable fixtures from the bathtub surround.

Step 3

Sand the entire surface using fine-grit sandpaper and a palm sander. Sandwich the surface until it is smooth and completely scratched.

Step 4

Use a rag and acetone to remove all dirt from the tub surface.

Step 5

Mask the tub’s surrounding walls and all fixtures with painter’s tape. Use old sheets to cover any toilets or cabinets around the bathtub. Protects against overspray while painting.

Step 6

Mix the gel coat and hardener as directed on the container. Mix the gel coat thoroughly using a small bucket and chopsticks.

Step 7

Put the gel coat in the spray gun and spray it into the tub surround. Apply the first coat in a thick mist and start to harden. When it starts to harden, cover the tub surround tightly and add a second coat to the surface. Let the coat harden and put on a third light coat. Treat until the gel coat hardens.

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