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How To Make A Stone Veranda Staircase

How To Make A Stone Veranda Staircase

Stone walkways or steps to the veranda are a striking contrast to the organic green of the yard. A well-placed flat stone adds a lot of decoration to the landscape at a fraction of the cost of poured cement. The flagpole does not require complicated or professional installation. You can get everything you need at a home improvement store, and you can install a stone porch over the weekend.

A stone staircase can create an elegant entrance to a veranda or patio.

Stage 1

Level the front porch surface. Lower it a couple of inches so you don’t set the stone on the soft ground. Using a manual compactor, press the floor down to pack it onto a hard, flat surface. Decide what the tread and the rise of the stairs will be. Tread is the actual length of the step, and the rise is the height. To calculate the ideal depth and rise of the stairs, use the equation (rise x 2) + tread depth =26 inches.

Step 2

Start the first step at the very front of the dense ditch. You may need a few different types of flagpoles to form a solid platform. Before filling the space behind the stairs with gravel, try to fit them as tightly as possible. To increase the rise of the stairs, use thick stones or create a second layer. Lay it down densely until the gravel is level. The tread should be long enough to support the front and back of the next step.

Step 3

Fill the space behind the second step with gravel and sand. Compress it so it doesn’t move or settle. Glue the steps together with polyurethane building glue.

Step 4

Continue building the stairs to the edge of the veranda. For the last step, add gravel to the riser level of the previous step to make sure the last step is at the veranda level.

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Step 5

Put sand between the stones to seal the folds. Sweep the excess away with a broom.

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