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How To Install A Water Pump For A Fountain

How To Install A Water Pump For A Fountain

Fountains are an attractive feature to add to your garden or landscape because they add sound and movement to the space. In sunny places, water rising in the air reflects the sun and creates a pleasant light display. Take advantage of the many possibilities for fountain styles and designs to make your garden a little more formal and whimsical. Large or small fountains work just as well as part of an overall design scheme as if done as a standalone function.

Fountains are a delightful garden element.

Stage 1

Measure the height and width of the fountain reservoir. Write down the overall shape of the container where it looks rather narrow and shallow.

Step 2

To measure the amount of water a fountain’s reservoir holds, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications, calculate the amount based on its size, or fill it with a known amount of water.

Step 3

Choose an underwater fountain with sufficient power to cycle at least half of the total amount of water through the fountain every hour. Refer to the pump manufacturer’s specifications regarding the number of gallons per hour (gph) the pump will cycle through.

Step 4

Estimate the maximum height the water will reach. Base it on the point you need to reach within the piece of water before the water drops, or the height you want to achieve for a spray-on display. Choose a pump that promises to provide ample vertical lift.

Step 5

Refuse fountain and pump combinations where water does not always completely cover the pump. As the water is in the air during pump operation, a certain amount of water will not be able to cover the pump. Allow overflow, splashing, and evaporation as additional means for water to be lost from storage.

Step 6

Place the pump with the water outlet facing up on a flat surface within the fountain basin.

Step 7

Choose tubing that matches the outlet diameter of your pump. Secure the hose to the pump according to the pump manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 8

Place the pump close enough to the center of the basin to allow the moisture to cover the surface and let it go below the surface of the water so that the majority of the pump’s energy is spent pumping water to the surface of the water. For projecting water over a surface.

Step 9

Route the wires for the electrical cord to the back of the fountain or disguise it as a decorative element to connect it to a properly grounded power source.

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