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How To Coin-Operate Dryers and Washing Machines

How To Coin-Operate Dryers and Washing Machines

Owning a coin-operated machine is a great way for landlords to create additional costs by providing the convenience of an on-site laundry facility. However, converting emergency washers and dryers to coin-operated machines presents some challenges for owners. It may be cheaper to buy a used commercial machine for the cost of the conversion kit and installation supplies needed, not to mention the time and labor. Basic instructions on how to turn a washer and dryer into a coin-operated machine.

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Stage 1

Decide which conversion kit is most compatible with your brand of washing machine or dryer. Refer to your instrument’s instruction manual and compare it with the instruction manual supplied with each conversion kit.

Step 2

Disconnect the device from the power outlet. You can unplug your device or cut power to that area of ​​your home. This will protect you from injury and/or death related to electric shock.

Step 3

Remove the access panel and find the machine’s built-in timer. If you are unsure of where the access panel is or how to open it, refer to your device’s instruction manual.

Step 4

To use the timer from the conversion kit as the default timer, reprogram the machine wiring. Refer to the conversion kit’s instruction manual.

Step 5

Wrap exposed wires with electrical tape for a safe and secure connection. This provides insulation for the connection as the electrical tape is pressure-sensitive.

Step 6

Return the access panel to the correct position on the machine.

Step 7

Restore power to the machine. Plugin your device or reconnect the power source to that area of ​​your home.

Step 8

Repeat these steps on the other computer.

Step 9

Test the proper functioning of the machine for a successful installation. When you are confident that both systems are working properly, you can inform your customers of new service offerings.

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